About ERG

The Energy Resources Group (ERG) is a community of graduate students within the Earth and Energy Resources (EER) program who have come together to share research, insights and skills in the hope of furthering energy research at the University of Texas at Austin. Working together, students and alumni will be able to assist individuals with research and professional inquiries and highlight the exceptional work being done within the EER program. The Energy Resources Group is made up of a diverse array of people from different countries and technical backgrounds, making ERG uniquely suited to comment on and provide answers for today’s energy problems.

As a group, we have meetings on the first Thursday of each month (food and drink is provided) at 6:30pm. We have barbecues and kickball games in Pease Park, we host a holiday party in December and an end-of-the-year party in May. We volunteer together at least once a semester. The ERG also helps fund EER students’ conference fees and school-related trips. Our mission is to come together as much as possible and provide a friendly and productive environment for all EER students.

For more information on the Energy and Earth Resources program, please visit: http://www.jsg.utexas.edu/eer/.



President: Colleen Dawes, cdawes@utexas.edu
Contact Colleen with any questions whatsoever, especially about the group and volunteering opportunities.

Vice President: Hannah Zellner, hzellner@utexas.edu
Contact Hannah with any ideas for informal events, marketing or ERG novelties (t-shirts, water bottles, USBs).

Treasurer: Griselda Blackburn, gris_blackburn@utexas.edu
Contact Griselda with budget questions or for more information about professional development opportunities.

Secretary: Allison Pace, allisonpace@utexas.edu
Contact Allison with any questions or suggestions regarding meeting notes, event reminders, and the ERG weekly newsletter.

Network Coordinator: Alan Barraza, alanbarraza@utexas.edu &
Kyle Gabb, kcgabb@gmail.com
Contact Alan or Kyle with any questions or suggestions in regards to promoting the ERG and our EER master’s program through Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and the internet.